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Dr. Parnell is a licensed psychologist who has been in private practice since 1990 providing a variety of services for children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Parnell is committed to helping clients transform through the challenges and conflicts they face. In addition to providing support through those difficult times, services are founded on the belief that clients have the capacity to deal with challenges, resolve conflicts and grow in the process. Dr. Parnell endeavors to create a professional environment in which to guide clients to discover existing abilities and to learn new skills. Services are problem-focused and resolution-oriented. Services include:

  • Collaborative Divorce-Although divorce may have become unavoidable in your family, the process does not have to be destructive. Collaborative law offers an opportunity to obtain the divorce without litigation, which can preserve valuable financial and emotional resources. When children are involved the Collaborative process also protects your children and helps you begin developing the co-parenting relationship with your spouse that your children desperately need. Throughout the Collaborative law process you will have the assistance of attorneys, a mental health professional, and a financial professional who will work with you and your spouse to create solutions and outcomes that consider the interests of all family members. For more information on Collaborative divorce in Central Florida click the tab above.
  • Parent Education-Educational opportunities are provided for parents to gain knowledge to effectively co-parent children during separation, divorce, or when never married. These classes provide a cost and time efficient method for learning those concepts. Please visit www.roadmapsforsharedparenting.com for additional information including brochures and registration forms or click the Roadmaps for Shared Parenting logo to the right.
  • Professional Education-Training for professionals is available on a variety of topics. Information is available by clicking on the Education tab above about upcoming training for professionals in the Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Practice and in Parenting Coordination.

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Additional services include Parenting Coordination, Parenting Plan Consultation, Mediation, Psychotherapy, Psychological Evaluation, Client Consultation, and Attorney Consultation. To set an appointment or for more specific information about services please contact our office via telephone @ 407-862-2722.

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