for Lawyers and staff-Please use this calendar as an efficient way to SELECT (not schedule) an available date in Dr. Parnell’s schedule that also works for both attorneys and their respective clients.  Once a date is selected, please EMAIL our office with the selected date, start and end time for mediation, case name, and payment instructions so that we can hold the date while you prepare the Notice of Mediation.  Mediation may occur in Dr. Parnell’s office or another location of your choosing, unless that date indicates our office only.  A non-refundable deposit is usually required to hold the date.

Please note that this calendar is updated continually but might not reflect all Mediation availability.  Dr. Parnell’s calendar changes daily due to cancellation and rescheduling.  So please call or email the office if a specific date is needed that is not reflected on this calendar and every effort will be made to accommodate that request.

for Clients-Mediation provides an opportunity for people to talk about their concerns and to make decisions about how to resolve their disputes with the help of a neutral professional called a mediator.  A mediator will not decide who is right or wrong or to tell you how to resolve your dispute.  Instead the mediator will guide the conversation to help you find solutions that make sense to you and the other person. In mediation you can resolve some or all of your disputes.  Any concerns that can be addressed in mediation do not need to be decided by a judge.  Dr. Parnell is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to act as a mediator in Family, Dependency, Civil, Appellate, and County court disputes.  Dr. Parnell only provides mediation services to clients who are represented by attorneys.