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Collaborative Practice provides a way to resolve family law disputes without going to court.  In this approach, a team of professionals works with clients to reach a mutually acceptable agreement while considering the interests and needs of both clients.  When the clients have minor children their needs can also be closely protected as clients come together as co-parents to develop a plan for the family to move forward.  Collaborative Practice offers clients a way to resolve all aspects of their family law dispute respectfully, with confidentiality and dignity, while keeping decision-making between the clients.  The team of professionals consists of two lawyers, one mental health professional and one financial professional.

While Collaborative Practice is an efficient way to proceed through divorce and other family law disputes, some families are unable to afford the professional fees involved.  The One Case Collaborative Project offers clients a collaborative process at a substantially reduced fee.  The program is offered by professionals in the community who want to promote access to Collaborative Practice.  The program provides a semi-structured 21 hour process in which attorneys charge $100 per hour while the mental health professional and financial professional charge $50.00 per hour.  The total cost to the clients is approximately $7500.00 after the addition of administrative, court, and family specific costs.  This program is designed for family law clients with $100,000.00 or less combined gross family income.  An asset cap will also apply.

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