Other Services


Refers to a range of approaches used to address common life challenges, navigate significant events, improve mental health concerns, and modify thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Goals for therapy may include understanding oneself and others, coping with daily life, relieving emotional distress, improving relationships, planning for life transitions, increasing life satisfaction, and managing complicated conflicts with others.  Dr. Parnell provides psychotherapy for adult individuals, couples, and families.  Although she has a lengthy professional history specializing in evaluating and treating children and adolescents, her current schedule is not conducive to providing ongoing therapy for younger clients.  Children and adolescents may participate in family therapy and in therapy sessions specifically addressing a variety of significant family transitions, including divorce.

Parenting Plan Consultation

Dr. Parnell is available to assist parents in designing or revising their Parenting Plan (i.e., time sharing and decision making plan). Please visit the Co-parenting page of this website for additional information.

Client or Attorney Consultation 

Dr. Parnell is available to meet with clients and/or their attorneys to provide assistance in determining how to approach a family conflict or transition.  The available range of services for a family and how to determine the best approach can be discussed.

Eldercaring Coordination 

“Eldercaring Coordination is a dispute resolution option specifically for those high-conflict cases involving issues related to the care and needs of elders. Eldercaring Coordination is to compliment, not replace, other services such as provision of legal information or legal representation, financial management or advice, mediation, individual/family therapy, care management, or medical, psychological or psychiatric evaluation/treatment.” from www.eldercaringcoordinationfl.org.

Neutral Facilitation 

Life and relationships can be complicated.  Sometimes conflicts arise in situations that don’t seem to fit any of the categories described on this website.  Dr. Parnell can function as a neutral facilitator to help people have the open discussions that they need toward goals such as increased understanding, reconciliation, problem resolution, or any hoped-for outcome defined by the participants.  A neutral facilitator can also help to structure the conversation and the overall process so that participants may hear each other in a different way, work together more effectively, and build options for resolving differences.  A neutral facilitator is not invested in the outcome, only the quality of the process and the experience of the participants.

Teresa F. Parnell, Psy.D.

Dr. Parnell considers it a privilege to have worked with so many families over the past 30 years. She is committed to helping clients transform through the challenges and conflicts they face.